George Washington's Letter of Credence to His Britannic Majesty, appointing Chief Justice John Jay to "Envoy Extraordinary"

"Being desirous of confirming, between your Majesty and the United States of America, perfect harmony and good correspondence, and of removing all grounds of dissatisfaction by a friendly discussion, I have made choice of John Jay, Chief Justice of the United States to repair to your Majesty in the quality of their Envoy Extraordinary.
From a knowledge of his fidelity, probity, and good conduct, I have entire confidence that he will render himself acceptable to your Majesty, and will contribute, to the utmost of his power, to preserve and advance, on all occasions, the interest and happiness of the two nations.
I beseech your Majesty therefore; to give full credence to whatever he shall say to you on the part of the United States, and most of all when he shall assure you of their friendship and wishes for your prosperity . . . "

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